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Bring your body into a healthy state of calm and balance with spalicious uniquely designed treatments.

Bring your body into a healthy state of calm and balance with spalicious uniquely designed treatments.

The combination of powerful active ingredients and various therapy techniques will bring about balance in the skin, and calm in the body.

  • self-heating body buff – 30mins
  • sweet almond oil scrub – 30mins
  • mandarin & sandalwood lifesaving back treatment – 45mins
  • anti-stress peppermint body blitz – 75mins or 150mins
  • firming fit milk chocolate body envelopment – 75mins or 150mins
  • detox mandarin & sandalwood cocooning retreat – 75mins or 150mins
  • deluxe self-heating experience – 60mins
  • cellulite/light legs treatment – 60mins
  • scrub, tub, wrap & rub – 150mins

We at spalicious believe that hands and feet are how we touch, engage, experience, and traverse the world. They anchor us to the ground and to our loved ones, therefore they require special care.

Our manicure and pedicure treatments are approached with the same boldness and holistic view you’ve come to expect from us.

Our treatments are unique because each individual chooses their own aroma to support their specific body and mind needs.  A truly bespoke treatment!  Taking manicures and pedicures to a completely different level.

  • spalicious classic manicure – 45mins
  • spalicious classic pedicure – 60mins
  • anti-oxidant rejuvenating manicure by spalicious – 60mins
  • collagen induction medi manicure by spalicious – 60mins
  • deluxe pedicure and lower leg treatment by spalicious – 75mins

Making massages memorable is what spalicious does best with a unique formula that is completely water-soluble turning bath water into a therapeutic milky experience.  Personalise each massage where you choose your oil using the power of smell and our unique gels and therapy mists to create a massage you have never experienced before.

Leaving the skin protected, feeling soft, encouraging faster repair, relieving pain and tension from muscles as well as leaving you feeling at peace, relaxed, and naturally rejuvenated.

  • mood & muscle ease jasmine flower massage
  • hawaiian coconut reboot massage
  • arnica & mint deep tissue massage
  • african marula booster massage

Take your already wonderful treatment experiences and turn them into a long, lasting memory for you and your skin, as we offer an add-on service to our regular spalicious treatments. it’s available for any treatment! Offering you, the guest, a truly unique and results driven spalicious experience.

  • foot peel
  • warming cooling back scrub
  • heating remineralising mask
  • tension release back treatment

A treatment range formulated to enhance your feet’s condition to get and keep them healthy.

AHA Foot Rescue
Heals, repairs and softens dry and cracked skin on the feet. AHA Foot Rescue deeply hydrates feet and softens calluses with concentrated lactic and salicylic acid combined with coco butter. For use on the soles of feet or calluses only. Excellent for acid bumps on the back of arms or buttocks.

Remineralising Therapy
A kaolin-based formula that remineralises and nourishes the skin. Enriched with tea tree oil providing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory effects.  For use on any areas of the body experiencing dry patches, itchy or inflamed skin such as elbows, knees, feet, and hands.

AHA Exfoliating Wash
A rich exfoliating wash that deep cleanses and effectively removes dead skin cells. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Foot Peel
A combination of natural acids to help peel, smooth, and soften cracked and dry heels. Our Foot Peel is unique because it not only removes dry hard skin but also leaves the feet hydrated and soft with no sensitivity and dryness. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Aloe vera enriched peel neutraliser that is nourishing and anti-inflammatory. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Vitamin B Sensitive Brightening Cream
A pH-balanced, vegan pigment corrector for intimate areas, underarms, and friction areas. Natural effective formula free from steroids, parabens, and fragrance. Contains highly active ingredients such as Vitamin B and Arbutin to fade hyperpigmentation and prevent future development. Cowslip to calm inflammation and coconut oil and shea butter to smooth and nourish the skin.


Preggie Exfoliation – 30 min
A luxurious, vigorous exfoliation of the full body using aromatherapy infused sweet almond oil. The aroma will carry your mind off to relaxation and rejuvenation whilst your body is exfoliated leaving a light trace of oil on the skin, resulting in nourished, repaired, and silky smooth skin.

Belly & Bum Wrap – 60 min
A very special peel-off wrap enriched with spirulina with a high protein content to protect the skin elastin and collagen and Ginkgo Biloba to soothe and protect the skin! Feel light and toned with the cooling effect of the menthol leaving your belly and bum refreshed. No mess or fuss with this easy-to-apply gel wrap that sets in 15 minutes and peels off easily leaving no trace, revealing a subtle fragrance of pink grapefruit.

Preggie Pedi – 60 min
Lighten your load and energize your hard working feet and legs with this essential pedicure consisting of a softening and re-mineralising foot soak, circulation enhancing scrub, cuticle care, toenail file and buff, anti-stress and water retention busting mask, completed with a combination of a cooling gel pressure point drainage massage and complete comfort and relaxation warming massage of feet and legs. Finishing off with the perfect polish!

Preggie Reflief Massage –  60 min
This Hawaiian inspired relaxing full body massage combines free flowing massage techniques combined with breathing and stretching to assist in easing anxiety, decreasing back and leg pain associated with pregnancy and improve sleep. Our unique blend of oils will nourish and protect the skin whilst calming and relaxing the mind and body. Belly comfort, back support and light legs is priority in this unique massage.

Preggie Light Legs Treatment – 30 min
An intensive exfoliation of the skin stimulates circulation and preps the skin for deep penetration of key active ingredients. Making use of hot and cold throughout the treatment to dilate and constrict blood vessels creates better lymph flow through the deeper layers of the skin stimulating the blood circulation. Finished off with cooling gel massage to cool, soothe to reduce swelling and water retention.