The importance of REST as part of the spa experience! – Spalicious
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The importance of REST as part of the spa experience!

The importance of REST as part of the spa experience!

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Why do we rest? To restore our body with the energy it needs to handle all of the demands of living each day.   When you get enough rest your body runs as it should and your immune system is stronger and able to fight off infections more easily. When you don’t get enough rest, this runs the body down allowing more viruses and diseases to attack the body because the immune system is not functioning as well as it should. Then, the individual gets sick and misses days or even weeks of all of those important activities. When you don’t get enough rest you have difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, and even remembering things. It is a scientific fact that when individuals miss out on good nightly rest their personality is affected and they are generally more grumpy, less patient, and snap easier.


Now let’s discuss why rest is so vital and important in the spa experience.

When a person rests, body temperature, along with levels of wakeful hormones such as adrenaline, start to drop. Some sweating may occur, as the body is immobile and tries to combat losing heat.

At the same time, our metabolic rate drops too. This is the time when you would feel most tired, as the low temperature coincides with adrenaline at its lowest level. This gives the body a chance to rebuild and restore

What happens to our bodies when we have a spa treatment like a massage, facial, manicure, etc is very similar to what happens to our bodies when we rest and sleep therefore in order to get maximum benefit of the treatment, a 45 min rest session should be allowed for after each spa treatment in order to continue this restoring and rebuilding that the body is trying to do.
the spa is one of the last remaining sanctuaries of silence and serenity. All of us look to the spa industry to put a new emphasis on stillness, slowness, and silence. Examples include totally silent massages/treatments or using white noise and subtle nature sounds instead of music; silent walks, hikes, and dinners; and an upswing in meditation offerings and programs.

Spalicious Spa Experience

Spalicious Spa experience

We are all craving REST!

It seems as though there are two very clearly defined spa visitors. Those in a group wanting a more social type of spa experience and those escaping to the spa for a few private hours of recovery and recharging. No matter which category you fall into, rest and recovery is still the most important reason you have chosen a treatment at a spa above a night out dancing.

Make the most of the time you have taken out to visit the spa and set aside an extra two hours to enjoy the facilities and rest/meditate after your treatment

Sleep rooms are most certainly going to become more popular in the spa scene!   This is a space where there is no noise AT ALL, total silence,  no light excepting maybe one or two little candles and a comfortable bed with duvet for you to actually sleep in that area.  If you are short of sleep hours best you sneak off into these rooms to catch up on some valuable recovery time.

For more information on spas in your area you can rest up at contact us.

Spalicious Grapefruit & Thympe Scrub

Grapefruit & Thyme Scrub

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